From tradition to new technology.

Our family has a long tradition and history in the processing and production of olive oil. In 1964, our grandfather Spyros Avrilionis, together with his brother Adam and cousins Gerasimos and Yannis, started the first family business for the production of olive oil, in the area of Gargaliani, Messinia district, in south-west Greece. In 1976, the production factory was expanded and all processing and storage equipment were replaced, thus becoming one of the major extra virgin olive oil producers in Greece. In 1988, the family business was acquired solely by grandfather Spyros Avrilionis and his son in low Giorgos Avrilionis. During the same year, the factory was renovated with the latest technology of extra virgin olive oil processing and storage equipment.


Today and since 2002, “G. Avrilionis & Partners” is an HACCP, ISO9001 and ISO22000 certified olive oil production factory and operates in newly refurbished premises, under high quality assurance norms and procedures, thus always assuring superior quality products.

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is the most nutrition product of the Mediterranean diet. Extra virgin olive oil of fine quality, acidity rate is below 0.5%. Gathered from flat and imi mountain olive plantations of Gargaliani, Messinia Greece. The extra olive oil has a dark green color because it comes from virgin green olives and that has been cold pressed. The taste is fruity and slightly bitter. With strong fruit aroma.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil, Organic farming. The acidity is below 0.5%

Certificated Quality

Extra virgin olive oil integrated management with certificated quality. Acidity is below 0.4%.